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Trimmer Tycoon

A Review in Gaming - 28/11/2016

Trimmer Tycoon By Improx Games Free Steam: Windows/OS X (Reviewed on OS X) Trimmer Tycoon is a free game available on Steam for Windows and OS X. The fact that I’m repeating what the info box above says should tell you that I’m lost for words. Taking up valuable megabytes of room, this game tasks you as the owner and head stylist of a beard grooming salon. Pixelated patrons amble in with one simple wish, and that’s to have their colourful beards trimmed and styled by a master craftsman; some...
KFC – Original Recipe Stacker

A Review in Cuisine - 19/10/2016

KFC - Original Recipe Stacker £4.99 KFC Establishments After 20 grueling minutes at the gym where I pay through the nose to be in a sweat-heavy room breathing in other people’s maddening effluvia as they grunt and heave weights about thinking they’ll wake up in the morning looking like Jean Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer, I found myself to be in a slight dire need of sustenance. Luckily for the company that owns the chain of gyms, there’s a KFC just over the road. I push the disarmingly cheap ...
Starbucks – Pumpkin Spice Latte

A Review in Cuisine - 18/10/2016

"There are cheaper ways to get a rushing buzz to the head, but you'll probably end up in jail"
Starbucks - Pumpkin Spice Latte £3.25 (yeah...I know) Available seasonally in Starbucks It’s that time of the year when the western world comically commercialises the day of the dead by dressing up in bin bags, force sweets from old people, and murder one another as people clap thinking it’s a Halloween show. And with this cheap madness comes the not-at-all cheap Pumpkin Spice Latte from every writer’s favorite office space, Starbucks. Having my Twitter feed explode with everyone going mental...
Chupa Chups – Mini Candy Pizza

A Review in Cuisine - 25/09/2016

I love candy and I love pizza. So a pizza constructed out of candy should, in theory, blow my mind to fragments only for it reconstruct itself but within a new universe formed of nothing but ecstasy. Oh how wrong I was. The warhammer of disappointment swung high and heavy before crushing me out of existence, and so I find myself writing an entry to my site. The little pizza boxes stood out from the crowd of regular packaged sweets and candies hanging on the wall, but only to lure suckers like...
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

A Review in Technology - 15/07/2016

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer £299.99 Can you imagine a world where deadly turbines are no longer easily accessible? A world where aviation fuel handlers won’t get sucked into jet engines when refueling, but instead pass straight through while quite often laughing with glee? Welcome to the future world of Dyson. [Dyson-Supersonic-Hair-Dryer2.jpg] I’ve already done a review on a hair dryer that purported to be ‘50% quieter’ than the next leading brand, when in fact it was 2% loude...
Colin The Caterpillar Cake

A Review in Cuisine - 11/07/2016

Colin the Caterpillar Cake £7 Marks & Spencer “*Winner of the first Arnold Review Perfect 10 score*” I’m not a religious man, but holy shit, if this isn’t the closest to Heaven on Earth there is, then I don’t know nor care what is. If you’re not six years old, or have been living under a rock or an oppressive regime for the past handful of decades, then let me introduce you to Marks and Spencer’s Colin the Caterpillar Cake; a slab of the sweetest sensory delight that human kind can never t...
Harry Morgan

A Review in Cuisine - 26/05/2016

Harry Morgan - Restaurant & Delicatessen St. John's Wood, London A bank holiday stroll down the delightfully average St. John’s Wood high street led me to set my heart upon the supposedly famous Harry Morgan restaurant upon falling for the siren cries of my hungry stomach. An American diner-styled eatery located towards the end of a really boring main street for a really boring part of London. I opened the door and set foot into the last days on Earth. If I were blind, I’d have thought that t...
Clown House

A Review in Gaming - 15/11/2015

Clown House by Aslan Game Studio Free Windows/Mac (Reviewed on Mac)   I decided to trawl through Steam’s free-to-play sewers to unearth a hidden horror gem and to hopefully find an a light in the dark to Konami’s madness by their cancelling of Silent Hills by the legendary partnership of Hideo Kojima and visionary Guillermo del Toro. Clown House is what I found, and it will haunt me to the end of my days…because I wasted 9 minutes playing and reviewing it. After half a second after seeing the...
Mug Shot

A Review in Cuisine - 05/11/2015

"It's like rehydrated powdered vomit, but not as nice"
Mug Shot by Symington's £0.60p All supermarkets, probably   After my awful time with Pot Noodle, I thought it not fair to tar every instant noodle dish with the same disgusting brush. So during a trip to my local Tesco’s, this particular Mug Shot burned deep into my retina with it’s orange packaging, surrounding itself in a haze sent from the gods above. Once home and using your standard modern cooking tools – a kettle – I ripped open the packet and was immediately punched in the face with th...
Primark – Men’s Slippers

A Review in Fashion - 26/10/2015

Primark – Men's fluffy slippers £4 Available in all Primark shops, probably Have you ever wanted to pad around your house with cats fastened to your feet but you’re too slow to catch those bastards? Well fret no more as for around a 10th the price of a catch alive cat trap, you can buy these Primark fluffy slippers – slippers that are designed for two things only: to keep your feet warm at home by being your indoor shoes, and to be completely forgettable when they’re on. These slippers get t...

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