Super Mario Odyssey

A Review in Gaming - 20/11/2017

"Super Mario Odyssey shows us why the often backward thinking folks at Nintendo are still the best game developers out there"
“£49.99-ish Nintendo Switch” Haters gonna hate but Nintendo have somehow managed to stunningly get their shit together this year. Nintendo is now locked in a battle with themselves for Game Of The Year between their first-party games, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and their latest title Super Mario Odyssey; quite a feat considering their latest console the Switch is only around 9 months old and had to wade through a barrage of negativity from nay-sayers. Super Mario Odyssey show...
Trimmer Tycoon

A Review in Gaming - 28/11/2016

Trimmer Tycoon By Improx Games Free Steam: Windows/OS X (Reviewed on OS X) Trimmer Tycoon is a free game available on Steam for Windows and OS X. The fact that I’m repeating what the info box above says should tell you that I’m lost for words. Taking up valuable megabytes of room, this game tasks you as the owner and head stylist of a beard grooming salon. Pixelated patrons amble in with one simple wish, and that’s to have their colourful beards trimmed and styled by a master craftsman; some...
Clown House

A Review in Gaming - 15/11/2015

Clown House by Aslan Game Studio Free Windows/Mac (Reviewed on Mac)   I decided to trawl through Steam’s free-to-play sewers to unearth a hidden horror gem and to hopefully find an a light in the dark to Konami’s madness by their cancelling of Silent Hills by the legendary partnership of Hideo Kojima and visionary Guillermo del Toro. Clown House is what I found, and it will haunt me to the end of my days…because I wasted 9 minutes playing and reviewing it. After half a second after seeing the...
Ultimate Wolf Simulator – IOS

A Review in Gaming - 13/07/2015

Ultimate Wolf Simulator by Gluten Free Games £0.79p iOS & Android Have you ever woken up and decided ‘f*ck this, I wanna be a wolf!’ Well tough, you can’t. But you can pay actual money and buy this ultimate wolf simulator called Ultimate Wolf Simulator to fulfill your canine desires. On the app download screen, it tells me to, ‘experience the exciting life of one of the most intelligent and complex predators on planet Earth, the wild Wolf’. It also advised me that I should check out one of th...