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Original Source – Mint And Tea Tree Body Wash

A Review in Health & Beauty - 18/07/2014

“Editors note: This is the first product that birthed The Arnold Review. Written on a phone and in a hurry.” The Product: This Original Source – Mint and Tea Tree Body Wash purchased by my girlfriend as a way of getting me to use shower gel by telling me, ‘it’ll make you big and strong like the Hulk!’ I later realise that this was a trick. I had been hoodwinked, although right now I’m as furious as the Hulk as this shower gel is burning my soul from the inside, out. The Experience:  I may a...
Pot Noodle – Chicken & Mushroom

A Review in Cuisine - 02/07/2014

Pot Noodle – Chicken & Mushroom Flavour £1.00 All supermarkets   For those who’re not in the loop, Pot Noodle is exactly that… noodles in a pot. Similar to the instant noodles of Asian cuisine, you just add boiled water to the mix and gently weep that you can’t prepare a better meal. I peel back the textured foil that seals the goodness within and already I’m being given orders. [IMG_3575-e1416146479548-300x300.jpg] Not one for disobeying direct orders from sachets of sauce, I dutifully ‘t...

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