Original Source – Mint And Tea Tree Body Wash

A Review in Health & Beauty - 18/07/2014

Editors note: This is the first product that birthed The Arnold Review. Written on a phone and in a hurry.

The Product:

This Original Source – Mint and Tea Tree Body Wash purchased by my girlfriend as a way of getting me to use shower gel by telling me, ‘it’ll make you big and strong like the Hulk!’ I later realise that this was a trick.
I had been hoodwinked, although right now I’m as furious as the Hulk as this shower gel is burning my soul from the inside, out.

The Experience: 

I may as well had used toothpaste to scrub the despair of Monday from my skin. I’m as minty as a pack of damn Polo’s now (the shitty green ones, not the wicked spearmint ones…they’re awesome), and boy, does it burn.

My skin feels as if it’s made solely from electricity, crawling and swirling around – it’s unpleasant.
The worse part is my private parts…my balls are orbs of flames, sheathed in a cloak of hellfire; try it yourself and join in on my fun – smother your nether’s in Colgate and let me know how that feels.

Honestly, it’s about as fun as having your legs clawed off by bears while you’re worrying about mortgage repayments. Really not a fun experience.