One Cut Of The Dead (2017)

A Review in Film - 19/02/2020

2017 (Japan)
Dir: Shinichiro Ueda
Screenplay: Shinichiro Ueda

no spoilers

I rolled my eyes at the idea of another zombie comedy movie being billed as the next Shaun of the Dead, but with the positive reviews this film was getting up and down the internet it had me curious. Shot in a few days and made on a meagre budget of $27,000 featuring an unknown cast plucked from acting workshops, Shinichiro Ueda’s absolute darling of a gem pulled in $25m at the Japan box office alone through a snowballing word of mouth campaign.

The first third of the movie is almost like watching a live stage performance where the actors look a bit flustered and forgetful of their lines as it’s a crazily choreographed 37 minute single-take shot. None of that hidden cut bullshit (although I swear I saw one) as apparently it took 6 takes over 2 days to get right. This, along with the rest of the movie – which gets so much better – is a love letter to passion in independent filmmaking and pulling together the get the job done. I really can’t say anything else as you have to see this movie without any prior knowledge to it. Trust me.

Just watch it