Casio G-Shock GA-2100 - "CasiOak"

A Review in Fashion - 09/04/2022

"Black on black on slate-black"
£99 Casio Store, Carnaby Street, London The latest in the lineup of the almost-indestructible G-shock range is the ruggedly handsome GA-2100, dubbed as the 'CasiOak' by watch aficionados due to its resemblance to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. And unlike the AP Royal Oak, you can launch this at the wall with tremendous power and the watch would be fine (anyone who'd like to challenge this with their own AP, let me know how that goes). For those of you who're unaware of Casio G-Shocks, you can...
Primark – Men’s Slippers

A Review in Fashion - 26/10/2015

Primark – Men's fluffy slippers £4 Available in all Primark shops, probably Have you ever wanted to pad around your house with cats fastened to your feet but you’re too slow to catch those bastards? Well fret no more as for around a 10th the price of a catch alive cat trap, you can buy these Primark fluffy slippers – slippers that are designed for two things only: to keep your feet warm at home by being your indoor shoes, and to be completely forgettable when they’re on. These slippers get t...